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Anna Mikhailova



· “Michele Frankenstein” multimedia opera for 2 singers (Tenor and Extreme Female Vocal), Dancer, live Electronics and Video (2012)


Story about a man who decided to change the world, not because of the woman, but because of the idea. Based on a life and “Society of Spectacle” work of French artist Guy Debord.

(Premiered Korzo, Den Haag, April 20, 2012)

· “Black Perfume” chamber opera for Baritone, Soprano, Trumpet, Double Bass and Percussion (2012)


Based on the Mikhail Bulgakov short stories.


(Premiered Orkater Theater, December 14, 2012)

· “Constant Tranzit” opera for 10 voices, 5 singers: Baritone and 4 Female low Voices, 5 Performers (Trombone, Saxophone (multireed), Accordion, Percussion and Double Bas) and 5 specially made instruments by Neon and Landa.


When reality is shaped by your curiosity and a man becomes the owner of his choice.

Based on life of Dutch artist Constant Nieuwenhuijs and

his New Babylon project. (2013)


(Premiered Korzo, Den Haag, June 14, 2013)

Orchestra music:

· “Relictus Luminis” for organ and flutes orchestra (2006)

(Premiered by L’OFF/ Orchestra Flute Francais, Paris, 2006)

· “The Melody of Personality” for voice and orchestra by R. Kipling poetry (2007)

(Premiered by Maria Gorelova and Military Defence Orchestra at Big Hall, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, 2007, Moscow)

· “SOLO” for flute & orchestra (2007)

(Premiered by Ivan Bushuev and Russian Philharmonic Orchestra at Moscow Composers Union, 2008)




(Premiered by De Ereprijs Orchestra (Apeldorn, 2009)


· Concerto Grosso for harpsichord, traversa, tromba naturale (in D),

cello, violone, 6 violin con corde de boyau & 2 percussione (2009)


(Premiered at SDART, 2010, Moscow)


· “The little Humpbacked Horse” fairy tale for narrator and symphony orchestra (2010)


· “Maps of Tight Joint. Part A. Approximation of Attraction” 

gestalt I for symphony orchestra(2010)


· Games of New Babylon. Written specially for Ricciotti Ensmeble (2013)

(Premiered Netherlands, 2013, during Russian tour)

Chamber music:

· Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano (1996)

· “Cygnet, Crayfish and Pike” on Ivan Krilov poetry musical fable for a voice, flute, oboe and bassoon (1996)

· Fantastic Scherzo for flute, oboe and bassoon (1997)

· “Reed song at the bridge” on Alex Block poetry for voice and flute (1997)

· Trio for violin, bassoon and piano (1998)

· Suite for cello and piano (1999)

· “How is the Singing Born” nine songs for Voice and Viola, texts by Ishikawa Takuboku, Mikawa Hideo, Matsuo Basho and Ogura Hyakunin Isshu]

· Trio for flute, basso and piano (2003)

· String quartet (2003)

· Flute quartet (2004)

· Aramse” piece for marimba and two chine’s tom-toms (2004)

· “Shyumbun-no hi” for two Koto (Japan cither) (2005)

· “Metamorphosis” Quartet for drums (2005)

· “During the D” Music for 2 Violins (2006)

· “Metamorphoses” for Flute and Cembalo (2006)

· “REFLECTION” for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Cello (2006)

· “Metamorphoses” for 12 Players (2006)

· “Time of NDEMBU” for Cello and Piano (2006)

· “Reflection” for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola & Cello (2008)

· “Music Inside” for 2 Organs (2008)

· “Metamorphoses P.S.” for 7 Players (2008)

· “ANTYRAGA” for Oboe and Piano (2009)

· “Music Inside” for Steel drum and Electro Harp (2009)

· “BOLERO” for 2 Voices (soprano), String Quintet ( 2 Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) and 3 Percussions (2009)

· “Extract Haydn/ Haydn Passion” for Flute, Trumpet, Cello, Piano, Harpsichord and Percussion (2009)

· “Bright without Fright” for Flute, Violin, Violoncello and Percussion (2010)

· “Music Inside” for Drum Quartet (2010)

· “Bowing to the shadow” for Flute and Piano (2010)

· “Est” [Harms Scetch] for Voice, Flute, Cello, Piano and Bass drum (2010)

· “KHAZAR FACE” for Violin and Voice (2011)

· “KHAZAR FACE” for Trumpet and Organ (2011)

· “Under the apple tree” for 6 Trombones (2011)

· “74 seconds under the apple tree” for Ensemble Klang(2011)

· “T.A.N.G.O.” for Voice, Violin, Piano and Megaphone (2011)

· “Shogi. White dragon” for Koto and Square Piano (2011)

· “PULSAR” for Violin, Cello, Alto Flute and Alto Saxophone (2011)

· Autonomy Leads Low of Mind Experience”

(Deconstruction version of “All of Me” for jazz trio - Piano, Double Bass, Drums) (2012)

· “Bonus of Binary Balance” for 11 players (2012)(commissioned by Impuls. International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music, Graz/Austria)

· “Time Traveller’s Lullaby” for Baroque Voice, Cello/Viola da Gamba and Square Piano/ Pianoforte (2012)

· “String Theory” for Koto and Live Electronics (2013)


· “In other lands” for female choir and soprano solo, text by Larisa Vasileva (1997)

· “Adell”, cantata for mixed choir, soprano and violin by Alexander Pushkin poetryn(1998)

· “The Sounds of the Sun” a<er Konstantin Balmont poetry three poems formixed choir a Capella (2000)

· “Fortune-teller” for a mixed choir a cappella on folk text (2004)

· “Cherubimic hymn” ( part of liturgy) for a mixed choir a cappella (2009)

· “Fortune - telling” for pokrovsky ensemble (2011)



· Five songs on Russian Poetry for Soprano and Piano (1995)

· “Cuckoo and Cock” Fable for Voice and Piano, text by Ivan Krilov (1996)

· “Patriarshy ponds” for Voice and Piano, text by Vasily Sterkin (1997)

· Three song for Soprano and Piano, text by Marina Zvetaeva (1997)

· [“At the Salon of Zinaida Volkonskaya” for Soprano, Reader and Piano, text by Alexander Pushkin, Yevgeny Baratynsky,  Vasily Zhukovsky, Pyotr Vyazemsky (1998)

· Song for Voice and Piano, text by Yevgeny Baratynsky(2000)

· Song for voice and Piano, text by Yury Kim (2000)

· Four Songs for Baritone and Piano, text by Nikolay Gumilev (2001)

· “La sombra” for Voice and piano, text by Federico Garcia Lorca (2010/2011/2012)

(Versions for Voice, Double Bas and Piano; Voice, Guitar and Piano)



· “Campane” for Piano (1994)

· Piece for Flute (1996)

· The Fairy’s Tales” for solo Voice, text by Constantine Balmont for soprano (1996)

· “The First Lily of the Valley” on Afanasy Fett for voice (1996)

· “The April Frost” for voice (1996)

· “Koneok-Gorbunok” musical tale for piano and reader in 7 part (1996)

· “Universal” cycle miniature for piano (1996)

· “Dancing suite” for piano (1996)

· “Two pieces” for reader and piano (1996)

· “Toccata” for piano (1997)

· “Prelude” for piano (1997)

· “The Concert Variations” on folk theme for Piano (2000)

· “Sonata” for piano (2001)

· “Partita” for Organ in 8 parts (2005)

· “NDEMBUMARIMBA” for Marimba (2007)

· “Music Inside” for Double Bass (2008/2010/2011)

· “10 melodys” for Koto (Japan zither) (2008)

· “Maggie’s Connection” for Double Bass and Voice for Single Player (2009)

· “Music Inside” for Drum set, Electronics and Video (2009/2011)

· “Music Inside” for Piano solo (2009)

· “Ponte dei Sospiri.100 steps” for Flute solo, Electronics and Spotlight (2010/2011)

· “32.7 km 4h” for piano (2010)

· “1 square meter meets 9 progressions” for Double Bass(2010)

· “14-18 - 21-34” for Piano and Bows (2010)

· “Music Inside” for Cello solo (2010)

· “L’Hommage de Gesualdo da Venosa” for Oboe player(2012)

· “Emergency Dimension Call” for 11 Cymbals, Timpani, Electronic, MRI scan video and 7 spot lights (2013)

· “Under the apple tree” for prepared Piano, written specially for Laurens de Boer (2013)

· “1117 rpm” for Piano and Performer, text Fernando Pessoa (2013)


Other Projects:

· “Bernarda Alba House” Ballet, based on play by Garcia Lorca (2005), choreography by Anisa Nizamova

· Music for cartoon (2005), animation by Maria Nistratova

· Music for film “The DOG” (2006), director Maria Mojar

· Music for performance “Temnovishnevy sad” by A.P.Chehov (2007-2008), director Yulia Yarilina

· Music for film “The days of Joy” (2008), director Philipp Korshunov

· Musical “Three Groschen’s opera” by B.Breht (2008)

· Music for movie “Body Part” (2009), director Maria Kravchenko

· Flute. Music Inside (tape) (2009)

· Music for movie “Psalom” (2009), director Elena Zaikina

· 1st act of the opera “Otez Sergiy” (2009)

· Music for movie “Keeper” (2009), director Philipp Korshunov

· Music for movie “Virus- A” (2009), director Sergey Korgakov

· Metamorphoses : Music 4D multimedia show (2010)

animation by Elena Nogami, Ludmila Lipovka, Vladimir Zuikov,

Nataliya Antipova, Egr Nagaen and Xenia Samarina

Conductor Maxim Emeljanichev

Choreography Irina Malaya

· Music for cartoon “Vevericek” (2010), STRIPBURGER V GIBANJU

· Music for movie “14 days” (2010), director Sergey Korgakov

· Music for play “KHAZAR DICTIONARY’ (2011), director Alena Mikhailova

· PULSAR for electronics, animated fenakitiscope and picture (collaboration with the painter Pim Piet ) (2011)

· BODY PARTS SCAN video- audio installation (2011), video editing Xeniya Ponkratova

· “Laume” performance for dancer, koto, poetry and electronics (2011)

· “Odysseus” musical (2011/2012)

· Music for theater play “SHEBEATS” based on beatnik generation art (2012)

· Games of New Babylon #1, kinetic audio sculpture/installation (2012)

· Sound and Silence (design and sound. Co-work with visual artist Pim Piet, Den Haag 2012)

· Music for movie “Sinister” (2012), director Lev Predan Kowarski

· Pulsar Project interactive music score (2013)

· Pulsar Project composition for LFA band (2013)

· Pulsar Project (installation, graphic scores and for exhibition with visual artist Pim Piet, Schiedam 2013 )

· Games of New Babylon #2, kinetic interactive sound installation/map (2013)

· Games of New Babylon # 1, Performance

· String Theory for Koto and Electronics, graphic score (2013)

Silence and Sound. Hommage to John Cage, object, co-project with Pim Piet. (2013)